Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign was created to encapsulate the growing spirit of the city of Atlanta. Atlanta is identified as one of the world’s foremost burgeoning entertainment hubs and has become iconic for its diversity in its residents and culture. Reign embodies the ethos of Atlanta and embraces the hustle that Atlanta as a city is predicated upon. We bring that mentality with us into Overwatch League and look to marry that with the excellence found in Atlanta’s music, sports, and entertainment cultures.
Atlanta, GA
Dogman - Dusttin Bowerman
Dogman Dusttin Bowerman
babybay - Andrej Francisty
babybay Andrej Francisty
frd - Nathan Goebel
frd Nathan Goebel
FunnyAstro - Daniel Hathaway
FunnyAstro Daniel Hathaway
Erster - Jun Jeong
Erster Jun Jeong
Masaa - Petja Kantanen
Masaa Petja Kantanen
NLaaeR - Ilya Koppalov
NLaaeR Ilya Koppalov
Pokpo - Hyeonjun Park
Pokpo Hyeonjun Park
Gator - Blake Scott
Gator Blake Scott
Daco - Donghyung Seo
Daco Donghyung Seo